Nevada Estate and Trust Attorney

Nevada Estate and Trust Attorney

You are invited to explore the services we offer and contact our office to learn more about how Mr. Larsen and his legal team at Gerrard Cox Larsen may assist you in preserving your legacy. Also, check out our blog for relevant information that impacts your estate planning, protecting your assets, elder law concerns, and various other estate issues.

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When it comes to planning your estate, the process can be a bit confusing.  It helps to have someone on your side to assist you with getting the right plan in place.  Jay R. Larsen and a staff of dedicated and focused professionals can make the process of estate planning easy and pain free.  He and his team can be a valuable resource to you, the client.

Whether you are trying to create a will, a trust, powers of attorney, and simply figuring out the best way to avoid probate, Mr. Larsen can help you reach your objectives.  His focus is on understanding your goals and needs, and then providing the counsel necessary to help you understand the best solution.  And if you find yourself needing to probate a loved one’s estate, Mr. Larsen will help you navigate the maze that is the probate process.

Jay R. Larsen has been serving the needs of Southern Nevada for over 25 years.  So whether you are looking to plan your estate or set up a business, he and his skill staff have the experience and resources that you need to meet the challenges you face.  Call today for a FREE 30-minute consultation.