Nevada Probate Law

Where Can You Find Nevada Probate Law?

If you have a question about Nevada laws concerning probate, the first place to look is the Nevada Revised Statutes.  The Probate code is found at N.R.S. Title 12.   Chapters 132-156 make up the statutes governing how probate works.

Case_LawIn addition to the statutes, probate law includes case law.  This consists of court decisions from the Nevada Supreme Court.  Finding what the Court has said about specific topics requires legal research.  Research can be done the old fashion way, at a law library such as at UNLV’s law school where you can crack open the books.  Or it can be done online more efficiently.  Attorneys have access to specialized search programs to help them.  Google has also made case law available through Google Scholar.

If you’re not comfortable doing the research or just don’t want to spend the time figuring out Nevada probate law when you could be doing something else with your time (like just about anything), then you may want to contact a Nevada probate lawyer.

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