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You have worked hard to build an estate.  And you want those assets to pass to your heirs in a certain way, at a certain time.  To ensure that this happens, a properly devised estate plan is critical.

In addition to directing where your assets are to go, it is important to address healthcare issues in the event of incapacity with a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions. If you cannot make healthcare decisions for yourself, who do you want making those decisions? And what about life support?

A comprehensive estate plan will address all of these issues and more. Estate planning documents include wills, trusts, powers of attorney for healthcare decisions, powers of attorney for asset management, and living wills.

Living Trusts – For More Than Avoiding Probate

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A revocable living trust forms the foundation for a solid estate plan. This type of trust not only helps avoid the probate process, but is flexible enough to leave your estate to beneficiaries either outright upon your death or in trust with the restrictions and guidance that you want.

Wills – Don’t Let the State Decide How Your Estate Will Pass

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If you don’t have a living trust, you can direct where your assets go through your will. If you do, a pourover will, one that names the trust as its beneficiary, is a must in order to act as a safety net to ensure that all your assets make it to the trust. And as of 2021, if you have a pourover will, under Nevada law a probate may still be avoided under the set aside statutes.

Wills are important planning tools. They not only prevent you from passing away intestate, they allow you to name guardians for minor children.

To be enforceable, a notary public will notarize the will that is witnessed by two disinterested persons.

Healthcare Power of Attorney – If You Become Incapacitated

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If you were to become incapacitated or incompetent, who would you want to handle your medical affairs, that is to deal with the doctors, hospital, and other healthcare providers on your behalf? What decisions would you like to see made regarding your healthcare? This document answers these questions.

Living Will – When Life Support is No Longer Wanted

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Also called a “Medical” or “Physicians” Directive, the Living Will tells the doctors and your loved ones what you would like to have happen in the event you are on life support and there doesn’t look like much of a chance of coming off of it.

Asset Powers of Attorney – Completing the Puzzle

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  • The Durable POA Fills the Gaps

This financial power of attorney gives someone the ability to handle assets and financial affairs for you if you are incompetent and such assets are not otherwise held in a living trust. The person named as trustee or in the POA can make financial decisions on your behalf.

What can a Nevada estate planning lawyer do for you?

The accuracy of these documents is critical to your estate plan. If you live in southern Nevada, using good Las Vegas and Henderson estate planning counsel is a big step in that direction.

And if a trust makes sense for your situation, then a Las Vegas law firm specializing in estate law will help you understand the different types of trusts and all of the various provisions that can be used in the trust to accomplish your goals.

r your situation, then a Las Vegas trust attorney will help you understand the different types of trusts and all of the various provisions that can be used in the trust to accomplish your goals.

What about “Do-It-Yourself” Wills and Trusts?

What about “Do-It-Yourself” Wills and Trusts?

People want to save money. That is understandable. I do too. But what people do not fully appreciate is that estate litigators, that is lawyers that contest wills and trusts, love “do-it-yourself” legal documents. What that means is that you may save a little money creating the will or trust, but if it is not done correctly, much more money will be spent fighting about it in court.

Someone contesting the plan, may find it easier to claim that the document was the result of undue influence, signed under duress, or the signer was not of sound mind. A contest often comes when a beneficiary or beneficiaries have been disinherited or you give everything to just one of your heirs.

In addition, having a a Nevada estate planning attorney prepare the estate planning documents gives you another key witness that can testify that the documents do, in fact, represent your desires.

Other Considerations

And under Nevada estate planning law, if you give anyone more than they would have received under the intestacy laws, that gift may be presumed void unless you have a Certificate of Independent Review by an attorney.

A goal of estate planning may be to minimize federal estate tax that is owed upon death. Whether an estate tax return is due upon death is determined upon the value of your assets at death.

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